Oats & fruit yoghurt jars

In my ever continuing, yet unsuccessful quest fora healthy lifestyle I started to make some yoghurt jars to bring to work as a snack. Below is how to make them! (Need to start making these again because instead of eating them for breakfast I end up having a sausage and hashbrown sandwich and instead of having as a 3pm slump snack, I have a bar of chocolate and a cup of tea! 8 weeks to my hols so need to start behaving and working towards fitting into my summer clothes!)

What you need

  • Jars
  • Porridge oats
  • Fruit (fresh or frozen works)
  • Yoghurt (I use natural yoghurt but flavoured would be nice too!)


  • I reuse jam jars but a friend of mine in work has bought little mason jars for this so any kind of lidded container at all will suffice.
  • Pour some oats (super exact I know) into the bottom of your jam jar (ensuring the jar is cleaned..duh)

Frozen fruit from Aldi that I use

  • Take a handful of fruit, either straight from frozen or washed/chopped fresh fruit, and put in as much as you can fit into your jar
  • If you’re using fresh fruit, it can be found good to add a small bit of fruit juice into the oats to ensure that they soften.. When the frozen fruit defrosts it soaks into the oats but fresh fruit didn’t always have the same affect!
  • I sprinkle some sunflower seeds over the top… partly to give it a little crunch, partly to use up an old bag of sunflower seeds that’s been sitting in our cupboard for months.
  • Pour yoghurt over the contents to your desired yoghurt: fruit: oats ratio.

    The Aldi yoghurt I used, definitely prefer Glenilen Farm though!

    • I just used natural yoghurt that was from Also but have since made these again using Glenilen Farm Natural Yoghurt and it is simply delish!
    • I sprinkle some sunflower seeds over the top… Partly for the crunch, partly because there’s an old bag opened in our cupboard for ages and I want to get rid of it!
    • Put the lid on your jar and leave in the fridge until you want to eat them, at least a couple of hours to let everything soak together – Overnight is ideal!
    • Enjoy!

    End product!



    The perfect poached egg

    Well if my intro post didn’t grab you, I’m sure that title will definitely make you read my second post! Welcome to your lesson on how to make the perfect poached egg 🥚

    My dad read in a cook book one day that instead of doing a raw egg in a swirling pot off boiling water and hoping for the best, you should make little parcels for your egg to poach in. And such is the recipe I’m going to share with you today! 


    • A little mug or tea cup, not too deep or wide
    • Cling film
    • A pot
    • Water
    • White or black pepper
    • And an egg (duh)


    • Boil some water in a pot/ boil water in a kettle and pour into the pot.
    • Keep the water at boiling temperature in the pot.
    • Get your little cup and enough cling film to place inside the cup with a little extra sticking out. Do just that, put the cling film into the cup.
    • To stop the cooked egg from sticking to the cling film it can help to suggest some butter on the inside of the cling film before putting the egg in.
    • Crack the egg into the cling film and season with pepper, if that’s your kind of thing.

    Notions with my Orla Kiely mug

    • Wrap your parcel by bringing together the outside of the cling film together and twisting shut.
    • Repeat steps 3 – 5 depending how many eggs you’re having (one egg per parcel – or maybe it’d be interesting to have a double yolked parcel, be creative!)
    • Drop your parcels into the water in the pot.. not from a height or anything, that’s probably a splash hazard.
    • It’s handy to hang the top of the parcel over the side of the pot to keep it from sinking underwater.

      The cling film kind of melts to the shape of a hook after a few seconds in this position

    • Leave for MAX 5 – 6 minutes, depending on how runny you like your eggs and how hot the water is.
    • Sometimes with this method I find that the top of the parcel doesn’t cook because it’s above the water level. A good solution for this is to open the parcel (careful not to burn your fingers!) and put the half cooked egg directly into the water to cool the top.
    • When the egg is cooked, put it on a slice of buttered toast, sprinkle some white pepper (delish with eggs), make yourself a cup of tea and bone apple teeth! 


    Need to get myself a pretty spot for overview shots

    Another riviting read I’m sure.. byyyyyyye