My name is Lisa and I like to moan a lot. Not that kind of moaning, you filth bag. I like to give out, whinge, complain, bitch… whatever else you want to call it. Here’s the link to Thesaurus.com I’m sure they’ll help.

Speaking of whinging, I’ve been complaining about how frightfully boring 90% of blogs are. So in order to be fully confident that my blog would be better, I decided to start one. Odds are it’ll be equally as sh!t as the rest of them out there but nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Not terribly sure what this whole blog will be about but we’ll play it by ear and see what comes out of my brain. I have minimal beauty routines and habits, not terribly fashionable, occasionally cook the same 4 meals and am not disciplined (read: I love my bed and Netflix) enough to be a fitness hun. I do like to travel but don’t get to do half as much as I’d like or enough to warrant a full blog on (any travel companies out there looking for a gal to send away, hit me up). So let’s pop me into a Miscellaneous blog type for now.

FUN FACT #1: I learned the word Miscellaneous from playing The Sims and picking out furniture that didn’t fit into “Kitchen”, “Living Room”, Bathroom” or “Outside” buckets.

Enough waffle for one post – byyyyyyyyyye!